The Lowry Letter®

The Lowry Letter® - 11/4/2020

This letter is always prepared a day or two before sending. As we write this, the day after election day, we wait with many of you to see who will be president of the United States for the next four years. Just as important as the presidency is the composition of the Congress. Energy policy, taxes, health care policy, and other important issues will be shaped by our government and will affect our lives. Engagement in the system should extend beyond voting day and into the ongoing political process.

We are very grateful to live in a country with strong institutions. It was reassuring to see the long legacy of peaceful voting continue and we trust that established policies will allow the process to continue.

When we talk about how the markets have performed well under both parties, it is because we know that participating in the markets means participating in the growth of the economy. We believe economic growth will continue and that long-term financial success is possible in every scenario.


The Lowry Letter® - 10/29/2020

Happy Halloween! Whatever the conditions in your area, we hope that you and your loved ones have a safe and enjoyable time with whatever adaptations or new circumstances are required.

The Lowry Letter® - 10/21/2020

We’re very excited to announce our next virtual event, scheduled for Nov 10th at 6:30pm. We will hear from gifted photographer and long-time friend Mac Stone about some of his more recent adventures. Some of you may recall that we sponsored an outstanding talk by Mac several years ago when his book Everglades: America’s Wetland debuted. More info to follow.


For more about Mac, visit his website,

The Lowry Letter® - 10/14/2020

We wanted to start this week by recognizing a very important milestone. Bea Caldwell, our Client Relationship Manager, recently reached her 20th anniversary as a member of our team! We sometimes joke that she is the “Cuban Mom” of our office. These are a few of the things that demonstrate what that means:

  • If our workspace gets too disorganized, she will stand there until we clean it up.
  • She often brings delicious food in and we are expected to eat it (and we happily do).
  • If someone needs help, she will jump right up and figure out a way to fix the problem.
  • She treats us as she would family, and we are all blessed for it.

The Lowry Letter® - 10/8/2020

We had a great discussion with Mark Seaman and Tom O’Neil of American Funds on the state of the economy in light of the pandemic and upcoming elections. We’ve included a brochure in the Lowry Letter® that we shared during the webinar that contains some of the key points and would be glad to discuss them with you.

A key takeaway- the pandemic and election have not changed the principles of sound investing. Investing according to your specific goals and risk tolerance, and then remaining appropriately invested, is a key to long-term success. This is true regardless of the political party in control of the government.

The Lowry Letter® - 9/30/2020

 Next week we will have an interesting talk about investing in an election year with a great speaker, Mark Seaman from the Capital Group. Capital Group is the parent company of American Funds.

Mark is an equity investment director at Capital Group. He has 26 years of investment industry experience and has been with the firm for 14 years. Earlier in his career at Capital, Mark managed the Advisory Resources Group interacting with research analysts and broker dealers. Prior to joining Capital, he was director of mutual fund research, director of alternative investments and director of non-proprietary fund distribution at Legg Mason Wood Walker. He holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Maryland. He also holds the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation and is a member of the Baltimore Security Analysts Society. Mark is based in Washington, D.C.

We will send out the link and other details in a separate email later this week. Please let us know if you have any specific questions for Mark.

We hope you enjoy this week’s letter.

The Lowry Letter® - 9/22/2020

As we mentioned last week, we will hold 2 webinars on investing and the markets on October 8th. One will be at noon and the other at 6pm. If you have questions for our speaker that day, please let us know. More info about him and the program is coming next week.

Also, as a post-election palate cleanser, we are planning a non-investment, non-political talk from one our favorite nature photographers on November 5 and look forward to sharing that with you soon.

The Lowry Letter® - 9/15/2020

Finally, please mark your calendars for our next online client event, to be held October 8th. We will discuss investing & elections with commentary from American Funds. We will hold it twice that day, noon and 6pm, to accommodate different schedules. 


More information to follow. 

The Lowry Letter® - 9/8/2020

After a strong August, September has led with a string of declines led by the tech-heavy Nasdaq.


While declines are never enjoyable, they are a normal aspect of the markets and should be expected after the recent positive movement. You can view our August Monthly Market Recap here and read more about the September volatility in this post.

The Lowry Letter® - 9/1/2020

As with all Federal holidays, our office will be closed on Monday in observance of Labor Day. We hope you can find some rest and relaxation during the long weekend!

We are looking forward to the first football game of the season for our alma mater, BYU. The Cougars will play the Naval Academy Midshipmen on Labor Day in front of an empty stadium and with ESPN’s top team announcing.