The Lowry Letter®

The Lowry Letter® - 3/23/2023

Many of you use the Investor360 web and mobile apps. We are excited to let you know that our Investor360° overview video has been revised to include recent updates, such as multifactor authentication, that we’ve made to the platform. Here is the updated Investor360° video tour.

Also, if you are using TurboTax and trying to link for tax forms, make sure you select Investor360 and not NFS/Wealthscape.

The Lowry Letter® - 3/16/2023

Many people are on Spring Break this week. In rare coordination, all of our local public schools and higher education institutions are on the same break. If you are traveling, we hope things go smoothly for you!

If you need any assistance with tax forms for your investment accounts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Lowry Letter® - 3/9/2023

Market pressure continues, as Federal Reserve policies weigh on investor expectations. During times like this, it is important to remember that the working life of your money is much longer than the current period of uncertainty. 10 or more years from now, we can expect that the timing of our current investments will not be as important as it feels today.

That doesn’t mean we ignore time frames. Short-term money should be in short-term solutions. But in many cases, current concerns should not be the determinant of our investment approach.

The Lowry Letter® - 3/2/2023

Our Client Appreciation picnic is on Saturday. The weather may be a little uncooperative, but we’ll be there, rain or shine! We have reserved large pavilions and will have great food. We hope to see you there.


Until 2017, The Lowry Letter® was a quarterly publication. We decided it would be interesting to revisit our 1st Quarter edition from 2013.

Read on for some highlights that fit with today very nicely.

The Lowry Letter® - 2/23/2023

Check out this week's Lowry Letter® to see how the yield curve inversion works, and why it matters. 

The Lowry Letter® - 2/15/2023

We were pulling for the Kansas City Chiefs and enjoyed the game. We have a nice contingent of KC-area clients and congratulate their team for another Super Bowl victory.

Super Bowl ads were a little underwhelming, though we did like this one, the Pepsi spots, and some of the others. This fake Saturday Night Live ad is more memorable than most that we saw

The Lowry Letter® - 2/8/2023

Some interesting research from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology shows a strong correlation between couples that pool their money in joint bank accounts and higher levels of relationship satisfaction. Pooled resources are probably an indicator of other helpful relationship traits.

The Lowry Letter® - 2/2/2023

One of our favorite movies is Groundhog Day. Living in Florida, the predictions of the Punxsutawney Phil don’t feel like they have a lot of relevance, but we hope the predicted 6 more weeks of winter aren’t too taxing for our cold climate friends.

The Lowry Letter® - 1/26/2023

It’s hard to believe that January 2023 is almost over. Modest improvement in stock and bond markets has been welcome, but we expect short-term volatility to continue (see Ask the Joes below).

A reminder: It’s not too late to adjust your retirement plan contributions to take advantage of new limits. It’s easier to make a change like this in January than in November!

For those of you waiting for tax forms, they will be accessible via Investor360 soon and this little video will show you how to find and retrieve them. Of course, we are happy to help with that as needed.

The Lowry Letter® - 1/19/2023

Many of you are anxiously awaiting tax statements for 2022. Every year, NFS requests a 30-day extension from the IRS’s initial mailing deadline of February 15 to mail tax forms because some investment issuers are unable to submit final tax information in time. By requesting this extension, NFS helps to ensure that clients will receive just one, correct form instead of multiple corrected forms that could result in them having to amend their tax returns.


We understand that this can be inconvenient and will keep you informed of delays that may affect your accounts. Please let us know if you have any questions