The Lowry Letter®

The Lowry Letter® - 10/15/19

We're going to shed our normal format this week to hit some quick points and takeaways from our time at Commonwealth's national conference.

The Lowry Letter® - 10/8/19

We continue to hear of various phone and email scams. The persistence of the IRS scam in particular is troubling. Like most criminal endeavors, the goal is to catch us at a bad time, or on a bad day, and take advantage of that to extract the information criminals need.


As a rule, never provide information directly to someone who calls you. If you think the call may be legitimate, request a callback number and then verify that number directly with the actual entity in question. If the matter is actually that important, it can wait for this additional security check.

The Lowry Letter® - 10/2/2019

Fall has arrived, though for some of us little has changed. As we look forward (anxiously) to cooler weather, we will brave the heat to address item #2.

This week we head to Colorado for Commonwealth's annual conference. It's a great opportunity to gather some beneficial information and education and we look forward to sharing some of the highlights.

The Lowry Letter® - 9/25/19

The end of the 3rd Quarter is upon us, and it is hard to believe that so much of 2019 has come and gone! We hope you enjoy this week’s edition.

The Lowry Letter® - 9/18/19

This week finds the Joes® in Gainesville, looking forward to another year of sponsoring the September Membership Lunch of the Builders Association of North Central Florida. The Joes® family was involved in the building industry for several generations, as was Cale’s. We’re proud to support this group of small businesses that play an important role in our community.

In other important news, last week we mentioned our love for the Z-Man sandwich. We are pleased to report that our memory of the blessed creation was accurate. It is among the world’s perfect sandwiches. We also had another memorable experience (see item 4).

The Lowry Letter® - 9/11/19

August was a turbulent month for the markets, and we invite you to read our monthly market recap for more information.


We share the relief of many Floridians that Hurricane Dorian left Florida largely unscathed. As the damage in the Carolinas is assessed, and the dreadful situation in parts of the Bahamas continue, we are reminded of how risk affects our lives. More on this below.

The Lowry Letter® - 9/2/19

As we prepared this week’s edition, we were watching the path of Hurricane Dorian. Thanks to modern technology, we have the ability to work away from the office when necessary. We also appreciate our relationship with Commonwealth. In the event that weather interrupts our normal office operations, important requests can always be made directly to Commonwealth by calling 800-237-0081 and speaking with the Service Center. 

The Lowry Letter® - 8/28/19

We hope that you have a great week and an enjoyable Labor Day weekend! Our office, and the markets, will be closed on Monday, September 2nd in observance of the holiday.

The Lowry Letter® - 8/21/19

School is back in session and we welcome a return to the routine that accompanies it. We hope those of you with kids at home have had a smooth transition!

The Lowry Letter® - 8/12/19

This has been a turbulent period in the markets, due in large part to the President’s continued aggressive trade policy action toward China. The market volatility we are seeing is not unprecedented in any way, and reflects concerns about how tariffs will affect both countries. We will continue to monitor this and encourage all of our clients to remember that personal goals and the steps we take to achieve them are the most important determinant of our financial success