The Lowry Letter®

The Lowry Letter® - 1/27/2021

An abbreviated version this week, as both Joes are visiting clients out of the area. Please remember that tomorrow is our webinar on Social Security, Thursday, January 28th at 4pm Eastern time.


If you have any family or friends who would benefit from the information, please feel free to share this invite with them.

The Lowry Letter® - 1/20/2021

We hope you can join us for our next remote event, taking place on Thursday, January 28th at 4pm Eastern time. We will hear from Jennifer Taboada with Blackrock Investments about how to make Social Security a more effective part of your retirement strategy. Jennifer is a member of BlackRock's Advisor Insights team, has been in the financial services industry for over 15 years, and has deep experience creating and presenting educational programs on financial planning topics. Currently, she leads the Social Security Consulting team at BlackRock and serves as a national specialist on financial planning topics including Social Security and Behavioral Finance.

The Lowry Letter® - 1/13/2021

It has been said that the proverb, “May you live in interesting times,” was intended as a curse and not a blessing. Regardless of the intent, here we are.


We have some interesting items for you this week and hope you enjoy them!

The Lowry Letter® - 1/6/2021

Welcome to 2021! A New Year is an interesting event. Like the stock market hitting a notable number or reaching a birthday, there is nothing inherently magical or transformative about the milestone outside of the psychological impact.

Fortunately (and sometimes unfortunately) the psychological impact really matters and the opportunity to make resolutions and improve our lives is very welcome.

Our Ask the Joes® has an important item in this area.

The Lowry Letter® - 12/30/2020

The new year is a great opportunity to make changes to improve our lives. If you have any resolutions, we would love to hear them. We are often inspired by the interesting and uplifting things that our clients accomplish.

The Lowry Letter® - 12/23/2020

Last week we held an informative webinar on cybersecurity. We have attached a helpful list of steps you can take to improve the security of your information and your money. This is especially important given how frequently all of us transact business online. If you have any questions or would like to review the material together, just let us know.

The Lowry Letter® - 12/16/2020

Our final event of this year is a Cyber Security Webinar presented by Dave Allen with Goldman Sachs. We hope you can join us! 

The Lowry Letter® - 12/10/2020

Next week we will host our final event of this year, a Cyber Security Webinar presented by Dave Allen with Goldman Sachs. It will take place at 12 eastern time via Zoom.

For those who are unable to attend we will provide a helpful summary. More thoughts on this topic are below in “Ask the Joes.

Our November market recap is available here, and the month was one of the best on record. We welcome the improvement, especially after a tough September and October, but expect the normal ups-and-downs that are a normal part of the markets.

The Lowry Letter® - 12/2/2020

Welcome to December! We hope you had a peaceful and safe Thanksgiving.
In spite of the unusual circumstances, we look forward to the holiday season and hope it provides some enjoyment to all of you.   

The Lowry Letter® - 11/25/2020

We hope that you and your loved ones have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Our office will be closed on Thursday, November 26 th in observance of the holiday. We will be working remotely on Friday, November 27 th, checking phone messages and responding to time-sensitive requests.