Our Services

Money means different things to each of us.  What colors our attitudes toward it, or what we want from it, is a highly subjective thing.

While is is not possible to eliminate risk, it is possible to minimize it, or better yet, construct a financial plan that will navigate your future in a manner which is consistent with your risk concerns and tolerance.

Your ongoing involvement is critical to this process.  Once your goals, objectives and resources have been identified, your financial plan will be established.  We will meet with you on an ongoing basis to report on your progress and to stay abreast of any changes in your current circumstance or future plans.

We work for you.  Our status as an independent firm gives us the ability to advise and implement on your behalf with impartiality toward any particular financial product provider or sponsor.

Our fee structure allows us to provide you with personalized attention at all times.  Your ability to reach us at those critical intersections of life's most pressing moments is a feature we value highly.  Your positive experience as a client of Lowry Financial Advisors, and its affiliates, is our highest priority.